Flipped Classroom Video

Please check out a fellow learner’s digital project on flipped classroom:


This was a very entertaining introduction to the flipped classroom. It clearly outlines some of the best practices in creating the flipped classroom environment, as well as its strengths and weakness.

When I first read about the flipped classroom concept, I thought it was interesting but would never find a use for it in my teaching concept. Boy was I wrong!

Recently, we started a small team of remote employees based on the other side of the country. While we were planning to bring them out to Vancouver for training, the question was ‘how long’. Cost was not the only driver–the longer employees are away from home and their families this could cause stress or even additional costs to them.

There is a lot of videos and reading in our training. So instead of lengthening the face to face training, we reorganized the training. We started the training remotely where they completed the foundational video watching and reading, then in Vancouver the training was active, hands on workshops.

So morale of the story, if you think you cannot use the flipped classroom in your teaching context think again!



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