Is Formative Assessment Workplace Friendly?

Sometimes it can be difficult to apply teaching concepts to the workplace. Training in an organization is different that traditional institutions like schools. Learners are often employees (or customers) who need to quickly learn to perform their daily tasks. The training environment is often rushed and filled with learnings just wanting to get back to their job, as they imagine their inboxes just piling up.

Assessment is one of those neglected items. For my most recent reflective writing assignment, I focused in on the concept of formative assessment. With its strong connection to motivation, it’s a hard concept to ignore. Without formative assessment, learners may not be able to gauge how well they are learning and what items they should focus on.

I wanted to delve into this topic a little more and look for other ways to apply this to the workplace. In my search, I found this video:

What I really like about this video are tips 2 and 3. Step two has students discuss what they found challenging about a particular quiz. By having students do this you are promoting self-assessment. Step 3 has students respond to prompts regarding the future, such as what they still need to learn. This can help students reflect and look for applications of material beyond the classroom.

In the workplace, a certain amount of autonomy is required. Some degree of self-assessment and regulation is required. Formative assessment in the workplace has a place as it helps learners hone these skills.


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