Getting the Most out of Mistakes: What does it mean?

To start my multi post theme on “Getting the Most out of Mistakes” I wanted to explore the evolution of education and information and why mistakes and learning from them are more important now than ever.

This idea is captured in Diana Laufenberg TEDtalk “How to learn? From Mistakes”:

In this speech, she talks about how education used to be important because information was only easily accessible in institutions. Now with the internet students have access to information anytime anywhere. She argues for experiential learning and embracing failure as a replacement for going to school to get information mentality.

I love the idea of embracing failure. However, I do think this is difficult. We’re so conditioned to put value in marks rather than actual learning. To overcome this mentality, we will need to support students through this perhaps by investigating alternative assessment techniques, such as self assessment or pass/fail.




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