Mistakes: Life’s Free Education Plan

Recently, I have been teaching myself a new video editing program. While I have a fairly strong technical background, I am fairly new to the video editing world. It’s a bit intimidating, but I’ve been forcing myself to mini video projects until I get comfortable with the program.

Over the past week, I have been working at creating animated slide show introductions to training program in hopes to increase the self-directed nature of this program. I spent a couple days putting together the slideshows and animations. I thought I would make all the graphics ahead, then do the voice recordings and readjust the timing of frames later. During the process of making these slideshows, I was ensuring it was tidy and could see the video timeline and different tracks all on one screen. As I proceeded to make the voice recordings today, I discovered this tidiness and limiting of the different frames took away my flexibility to increase many of my frames to accommodate the audio length. There’s no easy way to fix this–I can redo the tedious task of moving each component farther up the timeline for each adjustment or copy and paste everything into a new project as I go and need to make adjustments.

I will probably never make this mistake again. There is nothing like re-doing work to enhancing learning from a mistake.

With this incident and a forum topic on “double loop thinking” in one of my courses fresh on my mind, it occurred to me it would be a great topic for a multiple posting theme!

Mistakes are powerful tools for learning. The best part is they are often free! That said, mistakes do not always involve learning. Rather, they are a learning opportunity. How can we maximize learning from mistakes? Are mistakes more powerful than achievements in the learning process? How can we as educators and managers use mistakes as learning opportunities?

Stay tuned for the “Getting the Most Out of Mistakes” series!


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