Getting the Most Out of Mistakes: Reactions

One of the biggest problems with mistakes is our reactions and emotions. We often get defensive or won’t admit to making mistakes because we’re fear we will be perceived poorly. This is unfortunate as this attitude also prevents us from the learning opportunity that is our mistakes.

Here is an interesting take on mistakes:


Using improvisational Jazz, Harris shows how mistakes are often mistakes because of our reactions to them. In Jazz, mistakes are missed opportunities. Using the feedback from others, one can revise and make a new melody out of what normally would be perceived as a mistake.

This is a fascinating analogy to learning for me. Mistakes are missed opportunities and if we take the time to listen to others, take in feedback, we can create something new or take another path. This is where we can truly learn and grow, as we are taking knowledge, adapting and creating something new that is probably more personally meaningful.


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