Jigsaw Presentation

Here is an interesting digital project from one of the students in my PIDP 3250 course:


There are a couple things that stick out for me. First, I was not familiar with the Prezi platform. There are just so many digital options out there–each really do have their own look and feel. I really liked the look of Prezi here. Very professional looking sideshow platform.

Second, I think Jigsaw is an absolutely under utilized strategy. Because of it’s focus on not only on becoming an ‘expert’ on a topic but also how to best teach it to others, it really targets the highest levels of learning.

While this could be a difficult strategy to use in some teaching contexts–for an example if it is a single meeting workshop–some out of the box thinking could work.

For an example, in my training context, I accidently implemented jigsaw to train our support team. Our Support Team is 24/7 and it is often difficult to have more than 2 members off their phones at once. Training the whole team efficiently can therefore be difficult. One of the best and easiest ways I found to deal with this was to nominate a few employees as “product matter experts” who would attend these sessions, then communicate back and train the rest of the team. This role would rotate through the team and we typically choose 1 senior skilled and 1 moderate/new skilled person to attend so that all perspectives are covered.

The team often has a lot of fun doing training this way. It also builds into our philosophy of having everyone contribute to our peer reviewed company knowledge base.


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