Ethical Dilemma

Here’s a link to one of my classmate’s digital projects:

I love the additional of a seasonal theme to this project.

This is a very interesting topic and technique. It is one of those techniques that on first thought I think I’ll never find a way to use it in my teaching context. I mean I work in software. Ethical issues seem to be few and far between.

But on further thought I can see many great applications in my teaching context. For an example, our software does interact with payment processing so we do need a higher level of security knowledge. This would be a perfect technique to address the process and scenarios that can happen surrounding information security.

Also, we are a customer centred company. Many of our departments have customer facing roles and all of us interact somehow with our product and customers. This technique, with a few alterations, could be a good customer service training tool. For an example, instead of it being an ‘ethical’ dilemma it could be a customer service scenario than challenges the balance in customer facing roles between being a customer advocate and company advocate.


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