On Introversion

I’ve confessed this many times before, perhaps not on this blog, but I am a proud introvert.

Not only do I prefer quiet, independent activities, but some of the most extreme versions of it. I can sit alone and stare at a wall for hours, just thinking. Some of my best ideas come to me this way.

Many people close to me know this. Strangely, those I work with and those I teach are often surprised that I am an introvert. This is because I have worked hard to manage the extrovert world. I can point out my quirks–such as haven’t you noticed my frequent walks or how my eyes wander after 10 minutes of direct eye contact in one on ones?

While I pass well as an extrovert, does this mean I’m ashamed of my introverted side? Absolutely not. But I love that extrovert side too. I love that I can take control of a room sharing stories, jokes, lessons. Occasionally, I can even be the life at a party! Just in moderation…

Introversion is part of who I am and I swear it has lead to a lot of my success in life. I love observing. I spent a lot of time doing this as a child. I think this is what has made me a good leader and teacher. I feel I can pick up on the energy of a room and sense individuals state of mind. This ‘talent’ has allowed me to adapt and address issues before they become problems both in the workplace and the classroom.

While my hobby of reflective thinking while staring at walls may be boring to some, it allows me to refuel and organize my thoughts. I love this time.



One thought on “On Introversion

  1. Amanda I can relate to this perfectly. Until I was researching information for the 3250 Reflective writing #3 (The power of introverts) I did not really understand this in detail. One of my interesting discoveries was the word “Ambivert”, which is a person who mixes between the two. I realized that is where i fit. maybe you to do? I am moderating the forum “Introverts in the classroom” beginning Jan 8. I welcome your input and insight!


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