Please see the below video that a fellow learner created on the teaching strategy Kahoot!

This is a great outline of a way to introduce gaming to the classroom.

In a workplace training environment like my teaching context, this would be a very easy strategy to organize and implement because it takes away some of the ‘cons’ indicated in the video. In a workplace environment, you typically have company supplied devices, like phones or laptops, and usually wifi connection. Additionally, it is likely that you would have a shared communication tool, such as skype for business or go-to-meeting. These programs typically have polling features built it, so setting this up would be as easy as scheduling a meeting.

This is also a great way to engage remotely located learners. When you are training remotely, it can be difficult to gauge whether learners are understanding the material. If you’ve ever attended a conference call, I’m sure you can empathize with the doozy feeling you get from listening and watching a screen that just does not progress fast enough. Or on the flip side, the frustration of screens that move too quick and comments that make you feel like you missed the first half of the meeting. Using polling or “Kahoot” can be a way to keep remote learners engaged AND feel like they are part of the team!


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