I’m back!

So I had big plans for my time off. I figured that after a few days I would get bored and miss work. I was planning on spending the time perfecting my digital project. While my digital project is nearly finished, I could have been more productive. Although, I guess that is what vacations are about–getting away from work.

I spent most of my time reading. I wish I could say there was learning/education/development content to it, but really is was pure pleasure reading. I am addicted to books, but I find during the course of a normal week, I may only get 30 minutes per day for my pleasure reading. Sure that still sounds like a lot, but I wish I could be reading 12 hours per day.

Why do I read so much? I think this can be answered with a education/learning theme. Reading exposes me to new perspectives, topics, and ideas I may not give much thought to. I’m often inspired after reading a good book, which compels me to research the topic or context further.

A good example of this is one of my vacation reads: “Sport of Kings”. This book spans a few generations–from 1950s to present day–of a couple of families living in Kentucky (with a few jaunts in Ohio). The book dealt with contrasts between race and socioeconomic status told through the workings and evolution of a farm.

What initially attracted me to the book was that I knew nothing of the topic. I know little about the region in which it takes place and I know nothing about race horses (in fact I have a life long dislike of horses).

As I read the book, what was really interesting to me was to learn about the differences between the two states (Kentucky and Ohio) and just how close they actually are. In some parts, the only thing that separates the two states is a river. Even more interesting, is the fact that Ohio was a free state for African Americans during slavery, but Kentucky was not. Cities like Cincinnati attracted many African Americans seeking refuge from slavery in states such as Kentucky, Virginia, and the Carolinas.

Having most of my education in Canada, I have had little exposure to US history. Before reading this book, I did not think of Ohio much. I knew it was a big state of some importance, but it’s not something that enters into one’s books an intriguing place to travel. It’s no New York or Washington. It’s changed my opinion somewhat. OK so it won’t be on my bucket list, but I would gladly enjoy a long layover there sometime.

We have an office in Columbus–maybe I can increase interest with Vancouver employees with this trivia.



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