What in the ___ are “Frames”?

So my digital project is finished!

The teaching strategy I chose was “Frames”. The project does a good job of explaining the strategy and it’s applications, so I will avoid discussing it here. Instead, I will tell the wacky story of how I arrived at choosing this strategy over the 100s of others and arriving at the chosen medium.

This type of project is perfect for me. I like being creative. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy formal writing too and I can usually find a way to be creative with them. But this project gave me free range on creativity.

From the outset I also wanted to do something funny. This is where I decided on “Frames” as my strategy. The first thing that hit me was the word associations so this is a theme I played with throughout the project. It also allowed me to add a little humor in the title by making the title a “frame”.

Originally I was going to make this as a video, actually even started and almost finished it. I’m pretty comfortable on that platform though so it was not very challenging.

Recently I was introduced to Articulate 360 and got a subscription. While there are several different programs I could have used in this program, I selected Rise as it has an online share option. The others require a website or LMS to display. The free version of wordpress that I have right now does not allow plugins needed for this too unfortunately.

Anyways enough talking, please check out my course:



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