Triad Listening

Check out a colleague of mine’s digital project on Triad Listening:

I really appreciate this video’s short and sweetness. Sometimes I find videos a bit too long. Typically anything over 2 minutes, I’m going to be looking for something to do in addition to watching the video or at least something to click on. When I watch a TEDtalk, I’ll generally have some data entry or other ‘low thinking’ task to do while watching the video. I don’t know if this means I have a short attention span, but it does make me a bad movie date.

Or maybe I need to practise some Triad listening! This strategy is one of those strategies that I breezed over when I first read about it. But after reflecting, this would be a fantastic strategy for teaching customer service. We often use role play to practise customer service. What I like about triad listening over role play is the addition of the referee. Not only does this ensure that things stay on track, but it encourages more self assessment via peer assessment, rather than relying on the facilitator.

Definitely going to try this one sometime when I have the opportunity.


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