Welcome PIDP 3260 viewers!

A new class means more content for my blog. While I have made it my commitment to continue this blog beyond the classroom, this means my posts will be more frequent than weekly–YEAH!

For any new viewers, you can learn more about me in the About/Brief Bio section. I also encourage you to read my previous blog posts, as most of the posts relate in some capacity to this course. I try to update this blog outside of the classroom, relating every day events to learning or education–hope you enjoy it!

This is my second to last course in the PID program, which is in itself exciting. Although, this course excites me because of the content–Professional Practise. Ethics, dilemmas, reflection are all aspects of educational practise that I enjoy. And with my Philosophy background you only need to mention ethics to get my attention. There are also a few personal philosophical questions about my own educational philosophy that I want to reflect on more analytically as I enter these last months of the program. Specifically, looking back to PIDP 3100 and where my philosophy stood, I feel I am moving more toward identifying with critical pedagogies, with an increasing interest in feminist pedagogy. While these ideas have always appealed to me, my initial thoughts were that they did not apply to my practise, as my content is mostly technical. I’m starting to realize this is not the case and these philosophies can apply to my context and many more.

Anyways, enjoy my blog!


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