A Facilitation Win!

This week I was presented with a bit of a problem where I needed to a large number of employees to fill out a form for an upcoming training program. There were a few tricky fields on this form, which I knew would tie up most participants. We were also on a very tight deadline and need to have these forms submitted in a couple days.

Previous situations like this I would email the form to all participants, give them a deadline and let them know my door is open if they need help or have any questions. This usually leaves me scrambling and having to visit most employees personally taping my foot and begging them to complete.

This time I took a different approach. I set up group meetings with all participants as a working session to complete these forms. And it worked! Instead of having to spend a day or two chasing people down I was able to get this done in an hour.

This actually seems like a thing that should occur more often in situations where you need forms or paperwork completed. Not only are you making yourself available for any questions that may arise, but it also blocks time off participants calendars to specifically complete the form, so that it does not end up getting pushed to the bottom of the pile of an endless stream of more urgent tasks. Some of the participants even commented that it was a much more efficient and fun way to get this task done.

Give it a shot next time you have one of these tasks.








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