Teaching Perspective Inventory

One of the aspects I’ve been wanting to explore more and more recently is how my teaching perspective has changed since beginning the PID program. So I took the Teaching Perspective Inventory test.

I have not taken this test before, but did take a similar test in 3100. While I identify a lot with critical pedagogies, initially I did not feel these applied to my teaching context. The more I reflect, I do see how there is value in my teaching perspective.

In 3100, I was firmly in the Humanistic or Transformative areas of teaching. After taking the Teaching Perspective Inventory today, I can see that it appears little has changed. My distribution is very differentiated and my highest scores are in Development and Nurturing. What did surprise me is that there has been little movement over all, particularly with social reform.

For sure, I am development focused. No question about it. I see learning as an incremental process that not only teaches learners about a specific topic, but also about themselves as learners. Part of the fun of learning for me is making connections to everyday life and reflecting on new knowledge to combine in new ways. Nurturing too rings true as I strongly believe that fostering a safe and positive learning environment is as the content.

One of the limitations I see though is how social reform is presented. It’s always applied broadly, with verbiage like social change, societal impact etc… This makes it hard to apply tot teaching contexts that often do not deal directly with people or the broader public. For an example, I work for a company that produces technology for restaurants. It’s a big jump to see how social reform could ever have anything to do with our work. But it does! Technology can create new modes of communication or ways of working that change how we interact with each other. It can create  new jobs, enable people to share ideas, broaden awareness AND enabling learning. However, one is unlikely to see these directly as one would in the human sciences.

As with all evaluation, there are limitations and items can be interpreted many ways. TPI is no different.








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