Developing in house or not… that is the question.


I am a Learning and Development team of 1. I don’t think this is unique, as many people I talk to seem to be in a similar position.

It does, however, present some challenges. You have to be a time management pro. You definitely have to know when to say no. You have to also be good at setting appropriate expectations, as you cannot possibly do all task in a day.

One of the things I have learned recently is that it is also important to know when you should develop materials in house or look for another company that may already have this content developed. This is HARD to admit. I think it’s natural to want to develop and deliver your own courses all the time. But sometimes this is not practical AND sometimes there are people who have more expertise in a particular subject and would serve your learners better.

I recently did just that. And it was not nearly as bad as I thought to the ego. I worked with the other company customizing the content to fit the needs of our organization. And when we launched the program it seemed the learners were just as responsive or more than if I did it all myself. The best part, I get to watch and learn how another skilled teacher teaches.

While it is not the same, it does remind my of Brookfield’s idea of team teaching. By having more teachers you can capture more learners, as each teacher will use techniques that fit their style and interest.











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